Bhoomi – Karnataka Land Records

karnatakaKarnataka state government has created a database of land records called Bhoomi. Bhoomi is an initiative to keep track of land records online. Bhoomi Karnataka is created by the revenue department of Karnataka, bhoomi database consists of more than 6.7 millions farmer’s 20 million land records in the state.

Obtaining land record information has become very difficult so the Karnataka government decided to initiate an online land record system. is the official website for bhoomi Karnataka. You can get online land record from this official website only.

Bhoomi Karnataka provides the hard copy of your RTC only when you provide the land owner’s name or plot number at your nearest authorized taluka office. Fees or charges for printed copy of RTC is Rs.15. Touch screen kiosk is a computerized machine where a farmer can see his mutation application. Nowadays mutation request is handled on first come first serve basis.

Some important factors for getting online land record from Bhoomi Karnataka:

Pahani or RTC: It is a revenue record which contains important information like owner’s name, area, soil type, water rate, crop growth and tendency etc.

It is necessary to know the authenticity of the seller while purchasing a land. Land records are a must for fund transactions or to raise loan from banks.

Pahani or RTC Contains:

1.)    Hissa no. and survey no. of land.

2.)    Land under Pahani.

3.)    Land owner’ name with khata number.

4.)    Land revenue details.

5.)    Crop details

6.)    Number of trees.

7.)    Public or government rights on land.

8.)    Soil type

9.)    The way land is acquired by owner.

How to get Pahani or RTC:

One can easily get computerized copy of Pahani or RTC from your nearest authorized Pahani center, setup at the tahsildar office by paying only Rs.15.00/-. If one cannot come to Taluk office, then one can collect RTC from his/her respective village accountant or revenue inspector by just paying Rs.15.00/-. There is no difference between computerized RTC and manual RTC.


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7 Responses to Bhoomi – Karnataka Land Records

  1. jayesh says:

    hi, i have purchased land in Bangalore from where do i get my survey number and hissa number to check my online land records in bhoomi Karnataka

  2. admin says:

    you can get all the details about you land on Pahani(RTC) issued by Revenue department (Bhoomi Karnataka)

  3. reena says:

    from where do i get bhoomi Land Records of karnataka or Fard please help.

  4. uma says: this is official site of bhommi karnataka you can find every there here only.,, just go through it

  5. raman says:

    sir i want to correct my hissa number, it is given wrong in my bhoomi karnataka print out, from where can i get it.

  6. admin says:

    you can get it done from your nearest authorized taluka office.

  7. ranjeet says: this is official site for bhoomi rtc karnataka,,, just go through it,,,

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